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Health & Safety

Our commitment to provide a safe working environment for all employees, contractors, suppliers and visitors is imperative at Charter Transport.

Everyone is encouraged to participate in the development and ongoing implementation of our health and safety system and it is continually reviewed and improved to ensure effectiveness.

Charter Transport complies with all areas of the ‘Health and Safety at Work Act 2015’, relevant codes of practice and any other legal obligations.

We wish to work with other companies that recognise the importance of an effective health and safety system and comply with their health and safety responsibilities.

We will work with contractors and suppliers to ascertain common health and safety goals and ensure everyone is operating within a safe environment at all times.

Charter Transport has a comprehensive training programme that includes risk management and industry specific policies and procedures.

Our company completes regular external audits based around ‘AS/NZS4801 – 2002 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems’ to confirm ongoing compliance.

We, at Charter Transport, pride ourselves on working towards the highest level of health and safety as well as quality employment practices and working conditions.